Chasin My Fit: BANANAS!

IMG_4633The last couple weeks have been bananas!  Between school, getting ready for Disney and the snow, I've been going on warp speed.  Not to mention I was trying to heal a tendon, shin issues and a hip flexor thing before the runs!

I have an entire runDisney blog in the works about the whole experience so I'll just leave you with my Ariel 🙂

Here goes now…

Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (The day I went in to labor with Aiden. Not sure if I had been higher. I do remember wearing 18/20 mostly & being sized at a 22 for a bridesmaids dress.)

Weight as of today: 158.8 lbs

Total loss: 84.7 lbs

Body Fat %: 28.2% (Only re-doing every 15th when I take new measurements)

BMI: 25.3

Weight goal: 134 lbs (last seen in high school)


  • 22 weeks postpartum
  • Been searching for a new protein powder...decided on Jay Robb Whey Protein!
  • Bars...I've been testing tons!  Love love love Think Thin Brownie Crunch and Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe
  • New sweets quencher - Luna Protein Bars Choc Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter
  • Did you see that body fat!?!?!?!?  I got a caliper and finally had a good measurement!  Woohoo!!!!
  • Doing a short tummy workout and butt workout plan in the mornings before eating any calories.
  • Started on the new Stroller Warrior “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…47.18/250 miles
  • Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Attending yoga once a week
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon & Enchanted 10K is DONE!!!!
  • Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon is up next month!!!
  • Back in full force with logging in my MyFitnessPal

Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here