runDisney Princess Half Marathon: My Ariel

IMG_4633Leading up to the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge my 3 yr old decided that I should not be Snow White anymore...I should be Rapunzel.  Then as the race was about a month away, she decided that I should be Ariel.  Luckily for her, I wanted to make her smile and I didn't have too hard of a time trying to find something basic at least.

IMG_4421The tank was at Old Navy on the clearance rack for $4.99 (SCORE!).  The sea foam colored pants were clearance from VSX which I was getting no matter what...this just gave me an excuse lol.  The tiara went to the child because she saw it and had to have it.

IMG_4541The starfish hair piece was the most difficult for me.  Not for the traditional reasoning though.  It was because I'm allergic to the glue.  I made it work though!  The starfish and the shells were from Michael's as well as the purple satin flower clip.  I had the pearls and crystals here already but those are an easy find at Michael's too.  Once I put it all together, I ran into another way to keep it on while running!  I grabbed a green sequin headband from my daughter's hair things and slapped it around my visor!  Bam!  Done!

The skirt never made it to the party...well the sea foam green pants didn't either.  Last minute race decisions.  I'm glad I didn't either.  I saw people tossing half their costumes on the side of the route.

IMG_4585Final touch for the Princess Half?  The hair!  I was already dying my hair kinda dark so why not go for the reds?  It looked like fun.  Besides I got a Shamrock race next hair works!

There is my Ariel 🙂