runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge Weekend

IMG_475219.3!  19.3!  19.3 Magical Miles!  Done!  What a fun experience that was!  My mom and I completed this together...let me tell you...unforgettable experience!!!!!

We started off the weekend late.  That's right late wake-up, late car ride, late plane...late late late.  Luckily my husband, the crazy in a good way driver, got us to the expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports within 30 minutes of closing time Thursday night!  We had to get the kids' race packets for the Dashes that would be at 8:45 am Friday morning!

Left there and went to our hotel (Westgate Town Center).  We got a 3 bedroom suite to fit the bunch of was nice!  Really nice!  One gripe?  No free wi-fi.  Anyway!

IMG_4738We made it to Epcot Friday morning with time to spare and all the kidlets dressed in their chosen run gear!  Can you tell who wanted me to be Ariel?  LOL!

The girls ran together with daddy in the 100 meter dash while I ran with little man in the 200 meter.  It was a long wait for all those little ones...if thinking of doing this, bring snacks!  Once they were done their races, they got their own medals and we excited to start their day in the parks with their godmother.  Aiden couldn't wait to find out what was in the big golf ball HA!

IMG_4581My mom and I had a super early night ahead of us for the Enchanted 10K.  It was set to start at 5:30 am Saturday morning.  We decided to take a cab there to hopefully avoid the chaos of the driving and the parking.  2:30 am we were up and taking in coffee & breakfast.  The cab was there by 4 am and we arrived at Epcot with plenty of time to walk from the monorail area (drop off) all the way through to the start of everything in the parking lot.  After our bags were searched, we headed for gear bag check and to the corrals.  We were in Corral D that morning.

IMG_4723By 6:00 am, we were off!  It was a little rough at first.  By that I mean CROWDED!  Whew!  It was a mad house for the first 2 miles.  That's when it finally started to thin out and you weren't tripping over people's heels.

The race itself really started to get fun when we entered Epcot in the back where all the different countries are.  It was like taking a fast motion tour of the park.  We finished, got our medals and got our medical style bracelets saying that we finished the first part of the Glass Slipper.

My mom and I talked over somethings that we needed to switch out before the next day.  And I desperately needed to head back to the expo.  This girl right here...left the KT Tape at home in her desk drawer.  Yes I definitely did.  Thankfully the hubby has become my taping pro for shin splints and got me all situated!

IMG_4756The Princess Half was set for 5:35 am Sunday morning.  Mom and I decided that the cab idea went so well that we would do it again for 3:45 am.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!  Our cab did not come.  Call and find out that it went to the lobby but it was coming to us then.  Call again and find out after 10 mins on hold that IT TOOK SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!  The company told me that they were swapped and all excuse in my book.  NO EXCUSE!  Thankfully my step dad was by his phone, woke Adrian and he got us there with plenty of time to spare.  PS The cab company called me back 2 minutes after Adrian dropped us off at Epcot.  Horrible.  It didn't matter though.  We were there and we were ready.

IMG_4770After going through the runDisney area, we started to make our way to Corral K.  Let's just say that my fitbit had logged about 3 miles already by the time we got to where we needed to be.

The race began and about every 2-3 minutes another corral started.  This was much nicer than the previous day for sure.  We weren't standing idle for too long that we started to get tired.  We started off power walking because I had some serious fatigue from the day before and the little sleep.  Crazy part...we were going faster walking than we had the day before trying to run in the crowds!

IMG_4790We chugged our way along.  It was such a great route.  Disney was super awesome about powerade/water tables, portapotties and medical tents.  The coolest part for me was running through the castle!!!!  I actually videoed it too!  So many memories now!  AHHH!

It really was a magical experience for me.  It was even more so because I was doing it with my best friend, my mother.  We kept each other going all the way through!  Through the 850 ft elevation gain and all that!  This is definitely a run that people should find the time to do.


And the best part of it all...  THE BLING!