Be-You-tifully Fit: No more chasin

20140517-203224.jpgLately I have been discovering a lot of things about myself.  Since Hannah was born and the weight came off, I have not been the same.  I am simply not the same person I used to be.  I am not sad.  I am not negative.  I am not beating myself down.  I can go in the closet grab clothes, not feel wishy washy about how they look and run out the door.  More importantly, I am more thankful.  I am more positive.  I am more grateful.  I am more happy.

I do still have my days but now those days have real answers.  When I was suffering bad running pains, I was injured.  I am better now.  When I was sleepy, I was dealing with health issues, those are out of the way now.  When my days were filled with sickness, I found what I needed to do to solve it.  No moping.  No more personal rain cloud.

On to the change...  This blogging series has lost it's luster to me, but I think the solve for it is actually more simple than I previously imagined.  I'm not focused on Weight Loss.  I'm no longer a Fit Prego.  And frankly, I am not Chasing my Fit anymore.  I have it.  It's time to embrace that I have become Be-You-tifully Fit.

R4W 4

Day my life changed: 8/3/2012


  • Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (The day I went in to labor with Aiden. Not sure if I had been higher. I do remember wearing 18/20 mostly & being sized at a 22 for a bridesmaids dress.)
  • As of 8/3/12: 208.6 (wearing size 16 & 18)
  • As of today: 154.2 lbs (wearing size 4 & 6)
  • Goal: 134 lbs so only 20.2 lbs to go!!!
  • Total loss: 89.3 lbs

Body Fat Percentage

      • As of 8/3/12: 46%
  • Body Fat %: 26% (Only re-doing every 15th when I take new measurements)
  • Goal: 20%


  • Completed Guns, Buns & Abs 30 day challenge!
  • Started the LBD 30 Day Challenge!
  • Started on the new Stroller Warrior “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…144.83/250 miles
  • Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Run for Warriors Half Marathon completed!
  • Full force with logging in my MyFitnessPal

Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here