Fit Foodie…not really.


Roasted Chickpeas...from a can!!!!

A ways back I bought a can of chickpeas for a recipe that I cannot even remember what it was.  Well here I am in the midst of a cabinet clean and in search of snacks for the hubby to take while he's on duty.  They were perfect!  Had to watch them close after 28 minutes because the burn smell started coming through.  


Crockpot Turkey Chili!

Again...we are in the midst of the cabinet clean out so I grabbed everything that would make sense and threw it in!  Turkey (cooked), fajita seasoning (with water), chiptole canned corn, canned diced tomato, canned black beans (rinsed), canned mexicorn and at the last 30 minutes of the 4 hour cook on low...velveeta queso blanco.


They're pancakes...that's right.  And laugh all you want but it's the first time I didn't end up with a runny mess, burn them or destroy a pan!!!!  (Had to post my culinary win lol!!)


Nutella devil's food cake

Boxed devil's food cake with applesauce instead of the vegetable oil.  Nutella in the middle of the two layers of cake...chocolate frosting...  Another cabinet cleaning win!


Nutella with cheerios.

Laugh all you want!  Yes I do this.  Yes I use a disposable spoon.  Yes it is freaking awesome.  Now go try it!  LOL!

Why am I posting this you ask?  The need for honesty.  Lately I have simply been tired from all the running around.  I have been hitting the pavement and the school books hard.  Life has been at me BUT I'm human.  Master pieces aren't the basis of a good diet.  It's what you do in times like this that really show you who you are.  PS...I have not gained a pound either!  WOOHOO!