Be-You-tifully Fit: Respect the run.

National Running Day!

I have learned over the last few months that it's all about respecting the run.  Your body will have it's good days and bad.  Your mood changes from moment to moment.  Your will is vulnerable to weakening from time to time BUT the run is always the same.  The miles are always there.  They may be soft terrain or hilly pavement BUT it is still the same run.  Just like any other sport, it demands respect or it will get the best of you.  Never say I'm "just running the X".  That distance deserves the respect because a one mile fun run can take you down just as fast as a 14 mile long run.

Day my life changed: 8/3/2012


  • Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (Wore 18/20 & 22/24 for a gown)
  • As of 8/3/12: 208.6 (wearing size 16 & 18)
  • As of today: 152.2 lbs (wearing size 4 & 6)

Body Fat Percentage

    • As of 8/3/12: 46%
  • Body Fat %: 26% (Only re-doing every 15th when I take new measurements)


  • 134 lbs
  • 20% Body Fat
  • OBX Marathon!  I have running partner that is in for the crazy that I am!
  • Looking to speed up my half marathon to a sub 2:30 for the Marine Corps Half Marathon
  • Running schedule:  8k, half marathon, 10K, half marathon, marathon and half marathon all before the year's end!


  • Day 21 the LBD 30 Day Challenge!
  • Completed a full week of the total body weight lifting/strength training plan my favorite instagram friend sent me!!
  • Started on the new Stroller Warrior “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…165.14/250 miles
  • Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Bought two great books this week!  The Feed Zone Cookbook and Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
  • Met up for a play date with a friend to get some better menu planning ideas and try some Verve!
  • Full force with logging in my MyFitnessPal
  • Looking for recipes?  Check my "Fit Foodie" blogs for all that we've tried (with an actual picture of what ours looked like!)