Fit Foodie: Just no so… #hubbymade

I did not feel like it.  I just didn't.  Thank goodness the hubby has been watching me!  I pulled myself together to make some of these but the star of the week, Sugar Snap Pea and Mushroom Sauté with Flank Steak, was ALL him!  It was the most tastiest, fantabulous dinner I have had in a long while.  Then he finished off the week with flank steak quesadillas...oh thank God for that man!



Italian Sausage Gnocchi Bake



Shrimp and rice casserole (lots of healthy ingredient choices)



Sugar Snap Pea and Mushroom Sauté with Flank Steak




Crock Pot Creamy Tomato Soup with mozzarella grilled cheese