295.1 Miles to the Marathon

Here I am 8 weeks into the Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Marathon training plan...and the nerves of what I am doing have hit.

In 1 1/2 hours, I'll be running the good ol' 13.1 miles.  Not uncharted territory yet but it's a big deal none the less.  This distance and I have met 5 times before but never like this.  Never with a group of running people as a training run for something so much bigger.  Double to be precise.  You would think that I wouldn't be all nerves for another 2 weeks but everything else going on around this has made the final destination more real!

  • Hotel booked for the Marathon weekend.
  • Met up with other fall Marathoners from Stroller Warriors to discuss game plans.
  • IMG_9850.JPGNew shoes to break in came in.  Time to narrow which pair I want for THE day.

It's real.  I mean it was real the second I hit confirm on the OBX Marathon registration page but now it's really real.

Anyway...  This is my attempt at settling my jitters or at least documenting them so I can look back at how crazy or completely sane I may or may not be.  So let me sum up the last 8 weeks for the sake of getting it all in.

First issue of Marathon training...  Upper respiratory infection paired with child bronchial asthma lunges that lasted the first 4 weeks.  I still made all of the long runs but kept my easy runs down lower so my body could heal.

Second issue of Marathon training...  ITB and forgetting to roll & stretch.  My own fault...totally!

Third issue of Marathon training...  What to eat before and during the run.  I had after covered but what before???  I was just drinking coffee and a half of a protein bar but no.  Tried oatmeal with protein scoop.  Not bad.  Settled on a banana in all its carby yumminess with some nutella.  HEAVEN!

IMG_9776.JPGFourth issue of Marathon training...  Mentally prepping myself.  No dread.  Never dread.  Respect the miles but never dread.  Then you're defeated before you even start.  Our long runs start at 5:30 am so I had to start the routine of earlier to bed but that wasn't enough.  I was tossing and turning.  I found that reading Hal Higdon's Marathon book till I fell asleep has worked to amp and settle me.  Oh and planning...lots of planning!  Sprinkled with Stroller Warriors' I Ran to Afghanistan Campaign to make the miles mean that much more!

I think that brings me up to current with all of this.

IMG_9854.JPGNext on the list to tackle...my hair.  My thick hair that pulls down rubber bands, slides head bands, rejects holding up visors...oh this is going to be a fight!  I'm trying a variety of things and I'm hoping I'm not going to have to pull some extreme measures!

Off to go run this crazy mile marker in this road to a Marathon!  PS Yes.. Marathon.  Not marathon.  The "M" versus the "m" means A LOT!!!