Review: Fabletics

Picture from the Fabletic's website know that athletic sportswear advertisement going around on Facebook?  I know you've seen it!  It's a company co-founded by Kate Hudson.

I had been watching the ads for a while and kinda nervous to go for it.  I mean what's the trick?  Why is a fantastic looking workout outfit only $25?  My running pants alone are higher than that and they're going to send me an entire outfit?!?!  No way.  Well yes.  Yes, they will!

My running partner came to the long run about a month ago wearing these amazing blue colored running capris.  Like oh my goodness that's gorgeous blue!  During the run she told me how she had gone ahead and ordered.  They were the real deal.

When I got home, I asked her to send me over a referral link (shamelessly posting mine...  I signed up that day and looked around.  I was nervous though.  It started a clock that showed on the front page.  I had 24 hours to get my first outfit for $25.  Now I panicked.  I hadn't had the time to talk it over with the husband and see if there was money in the budget for more workout clothes.  He's my money accountability buddy so I have to or else my closet would be filled with workout clothes and shoes!  We were a go BUT I got distracted with the kids and walked away from the computer.  A day later, I got an email saying that I had 3 days for an outfit purchase with the same type of discount.  Boy was I relieved because I was seriously kicking myself for walking away!!!

IMG_9336I ordered the Maldives set.  Lately that deep eggplant purple color has been an addiction of mine and I liked the shirt because I only wear short sleeve shirts when running.  I have a funky quirk about feeling the camelbak straps on my shoulders.

Anyway!  I did not wait long before the outfit came in.  I wasn't in the mood to run that day but that running mail sure did motivate me!!!  I love love love love love love love love love these pants (Rio Run Capri).  Did I mention that I love these pants?  Like I really love them.  They were a great fit all around.  The waist has a drawstring and a zipper pocket as well as a mesh strip of fabric up the side of the leg.  Around the bottom openings of the pants, it was low in the front to cover the knee and high in the back to sit above the inside of the knee.  Not to mention it was loose there.  No killing your leg with the compression of it!IMG_9340

The shirt (Nora V-Neck) is one of my all around favorites.  Ok so those who know me really only see me in the shirts that I get from the races I've done BUT that's because they feel good to me.  This shirt is like those to me.  It's a perfect fit.  Loose but not annoyingly loose.  It also has a zipper pocket in the back.  I joke with my running friends that this marathon training just got easier because now I have 2 more places to put more Gu LOL!

The sizing from Fabletics from both my running partner and I felt that the best description was it's equivalent to the sizing of Old Navy Active.  I feel my pants are close to the sizing for VSX crops too.  I've been wearing a size 2 to a size 6 depending on the brand and I ordered a small in both.

So the breakdown of how you get that price...  You sign up to be a VIP Member.  Every 1st-5th of the month you can pick out the new outfit that you'd like to get for the price it's being advertised for OR you can choose to skip the month.  Also, you get points for referring people to Fabletics AND points for reviewing the items you've received on their website.  If you want to cancel, just give them a call!  I've had a couple website hiccups and the customer service has been super fast to fix the issue through their live chat.

Again...  shamelessly posting my referral link!  I hope you found my post helpful!!!