Fit Foodie: Changed it all!

We started to change up the way we are menu planning and setting up our cooking schedule.  The school year is back and marathon training is in full swing so things had to change.  What are we doing?  Easy.  Nice and easy.  Simpler recipes.  Also we started to add a bit of protein variety in more and limited the carbs more because we had started to plan off of moods.  It was a week of lemony chicken dishes and by the second one...we were ordering out!


Skinny Lemon Tilapia

This was one of the kids' favorite recipes!  I was in shock that they gobbled their tilapia up!!!  Tilapia is most definitely going to be a staple in this menu planning!



This reminded me of home...  In Jersey, tomato pies are just like this!  Oh man!  I was in heaven for a minute.


Stromboli » Low Carb » Gluten Free

This was shockingly good to me.  I think if we were to try it again, we will have to double or triple the recipe.  The one stromboli was more of an appetizer size for us BUT I didn't want to do a full dinner for our six in case it wasn't liked.  It was way out of my cooking comfort zone but absolutely amazing!



Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake

Love!  Love!  Love!  I am a big promoter of recipes but this was perfection AND my favorite pesto recipe too!


Homemade Oreos...  JUST LIKE REAL OREOS!!!!!!


Chicken Bacon Ranch Tortilla Pockets

This was the hubby's cook for the week.  I came home from my mid-week long run to this.  It was absolutely amazing!!!!