271 Miles to Marathon


IMG_3420-0.JPGI figured that maybe this blogging might be the best to do before the weekly long run. Like maybe it will help leave all the anxiety and tension behind...

I was shocked this week when I realized we have finally come to the near the half way point of our training. Tomorrow closes week 9. I haven't been too shaky yet, but that may be changing next week when we hit the next week... The uncharted territory.

Also I think that the smartest mental move I've made is to put my finishing weight loss goals on the shelf. I've been teetering about 5 lbs since I began this all. I was getting upset BUT I also began to see the muscle definition in my legs popping out more. Quite literally... I'm getting stronger and that's just way better than skinnier!

IMG_0013.PNGAs for now, I'll be going to sleep and waking up crazy early for a weekend morning to go run 10 miles. I need to not look so lightly at this mileage but take it as a mental rest for the 15 miler ahead!