5 years seems so big but so small


I have had this blog open for over a month now trying to think of what I want to say.  What is there to say?  It's much easier to find the words for the things that go wrong in life.  It's so much easier to get caught in the upsetting things in life.  We seem so overwhelmed with the emotions from the bad situations that when we come to the good things in our lives...we do not remember how to express the great blessings in our lives.  In that thought, I could easily say that I have a great marriage because we do not lie, cheat or steal from each other.  But is that what makes it great?  NO.  That's the standard that the minimal line is set for any relationship in my life.  There's much more needed.

I guess to understand it I'll say this...My life was blessed the day I met this man but I did not know yet how.  He wanted to help someone and I was a mess.  Not what you expected, huh?  You expected me to say that he was the perfect puzzle piece and we immediately fell in this crazy love.  We did fall in love after we found our way together.  And since we have grown to realize that together we have individually grown into the people we wanted to be.  That's exactly why I say I'm blessed.  He has helped me become who I always wanted to be and loved me unconditionally on the road to here just as I have him.


It's not easy to love someone without doubt.  We've had our fights.  We've not spoken for a couple days.  We are human!  But we still love each other.  We do not utter the word divorce.  We do not contemplate leaving each other.  We do say I love you every night and every morning even when we may not want to.  Loving someone does not mean that you always like them.  Arguments are healthy.  It's what makes you grow.  Ok ok...I could literally go on and on.  So what did we do for the big day?  Nothing super exciting.  We decided to tone the celebration of the day down but it is because we celebrate us a little bit every day and really that's never been us.  Quiet and small where there's comfort and laughter.  Nothing is out of place because there's just us to decide what goes into what place.

In our moment of redbox, take out and our bed...everything is as perfect as this world could possibly be.