Be-You-tifully Fit: They’re just numbers!!

I've learned so much on my journey.  There are a few things that I'd like to point out for people because I find them to be necessary to remember.

First, food.  There is good food and there is bad food.  If it's packaged and has a long shelf life like a lot of the diet food's probably not the best for you.  Clean eating is difficult at first...but why?  Because we grew up with processed.  It's a habit.  Good or bad...processed is still processed.

Second, numbers.  I have stressed over this time and time again.  Do not let numbers define you.  Not the scale.  Not the tag.  Not the measurement.  Numbers are just a means of calculations.  They let you know something that you want.  If you take them to compare yourself to something other than yourself...that's on you.  I have fought a long hard fight but it's only been a fight with the past me.


Finally, clothing sizes.  When you are looking at your clothes and these stores, understand that like us NO two stores are the same when it comes to sizing.  You can be a size 0 in one place and a 8 in another.  It won't do you any good to compare the clothing of different brands as successes or failures.  I have my personal goals of places and clothes but that's because they make me feel good when I put them on.  That's what should count.  Not what the tag says.  I currently have a size 2 pair of jeans next to a size 8 formal gown which are both next to an extra small top and a size 4 pair of dress pants.  This picture above is the only comparison that matters...  My jeans from when I started lined up on the inseam to the jeans that I now love!


Day my life changed: 8/3/2012


  • Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (Wore 18/20 & 22/24 for a gown)
  • As of 8/3/12: 208.6 (wearing size 16/18)
  • As of today: 147.6 lbs (wearing size 2/4)

Body Fat Percentage

  • As of 8/3/12: 46%
  • Body Fat %: 21.5% (Only re-doing every 15th when I take new measurements)


  • 134 lbs
  • 20% Body Fat
  • OBX Marathon!
  • Looking to speed up my half marathon to a sub 2:30 for the Marine Corps Half Marathon
  • Running schedule:  half marathon, 10K, half marathon, marathon and half marathon all before the year's end!


  • Lots of Marathon training
  • Stretching, rolling and stretching some more
  • Menu planning tons!  Check my "Fit Foodie" blogs for all that we've tried (with an actual picture of what ours looked like!)
  • Stroller Warrior “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign 250 miles completed on 8/4!!!
  • On my way to the Stroller Warrior “I ran to Afghanistan and back” campaign 500 miles now!  Finished the month of August at 377.94/500 miles!
  • Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Still logging in my MyFitnessPal!  I hit a 525 day streak!