244 Miles to Marathon

IMG_0128.JPGI'm scared.  I'm fearful of this long run.  This enters the uncharted territory for my legs, my mentality and my heart.  I constantly hear how this is THE run that is the greatest.  This is the run that provides you with a great runner's high.  My legs are already achy and fatigued but I know they will carry me through it.  My logical brain tells me I can accomplish anything and mere mileage can not break me.  My heart tells me that this is just another run and it is only physical pain for a moment.  And although I know all of that...I am still afraid.

Some times our fears push us to do things we would not normally do.  My fear of not being around for my children to have children pushed me through this entire weight loss journey.  My fear of regret has pushed me to return to college and now I am entering my senior year towards a Bachelor's degree.  My fear of the mundane has pushed me to make time to create and my sewing business is still thriving after 4 years.  Fear can be the greatest motivation some times.

Now it's up to me.  I need to use my fears as a positive and not allow them to hold me back.