180 Miles to Marathon!

2665bfec5df4c8a1e522ddda769c577cOh my heart just fluttered typing that title.  We have broke the 200 miles barrier.  It's getting closer.

Tomorrow is a 12 mile long run.  It's a draw down week.  I'm still in shock that the words "it's only a 12 miler this weekend" came out of my mouth.  That was the peak training mileage I did for half marathon training and now I am rejoicing to only having to run that mileage.

I don't know if a panic is calming or a deliriousness is setting in but I'm strangely okay with the mileage we are taking on.  It's such an odd thought.  The day we did 15 miles I was a big bundle of nerves and since I've been happily getting it done.  One issue with that statement though, I had the 16 miler during the Marine Corps Half Marathon.  The mental struggle was non-existent because of all of the race excitement, surroundings, the people and the food afterwards.

This week is 12 miles for the end of week 12.  This week's end will drop us below 40 days before Marathon day!