118 Miles to Marathon

IMG_0776.JPGIt's hard to believe I am that close to the big day.  It's only about 4 weeks and 118 miles away!  I understand what people mean now about the training.  This training has been fun and such a great experience.  Undoubtedly that is because of the great people I have shared the miles with.  It is crazy to say but there are people out there that can make an 18 mile or 12 mile or 1 mile just worth the run!  Even a "bad" run is better because of who you're with.  Then again maybe that's like the misery loves company type of stuff LOL.    Back in December of last year when I tried to take this road, it was no where even close to this.  The support was there on occasion but even on my runs I did alone, I didn't feel like this.  Even running the long runs with my hubby couldn't pull me out of the running funk.  Now...I feel amazing.  I'm dying to go outside and just run!  Of course I much rather head out with the lovely ladies I've been training with especially because we finish the miles with Dunkin Donuts!

Anyway...crunch time!  Here's what the last two weeks held!

  1. Ordered my shirt for my running partner and I
  2. Purchased my black running cropped pants for the day of.
  3. Bought another pair of Mizunos in case the ones I have go before the day.
  4. Nursed a sore calf/Achilles tendon area again.  It's all better now!  I took the precautions necessary aka did the opposite of what I did in January when I injured it really badly!
  5. Feeling great since starting up the core work again.  I can tell a huge difference.
  6. Finished the savings goal for the trip.  What a weight that's been lifted!  Any extra made now can be more expo shopping funding!