79 Miles to Marathon


We've begun to ready the approach.  This is it.  It's the 20 mile run ahead.  The last hurtle on the road to the big day.  I wish I could explain what is going through my head with this process without sounding insane.  This entire training has been the past 14 weeks of my life.  I have run almost 400 miles in that time and I have loved every step of it.

During this process, I have learned more about myself than I have in the past few years.  Impossible right?  Not really.  I have learned what I am really capable of.  This journey has broken my fear of being inadequate.  I no longer feel as though I cannot run fast enough...  far enough...  I am not strong enough...  if I get injured, it means that I have failed...  I need to quit...  Give up...  Lose faith.  I can and will.  This is for me...from me...powered by me.

This week...


Gear check!  Testing.  Testing.  Gear is good!  Well almost...the camelbak is new and good.  The black visor has replaced the others.  The ASICS were beginning to go.  I began to feel a nasty ITB pain so they were de-laced and put away for yard shoes.  My Mizuno Inspires 10 are fantastic BUT the mileage was getting up there so I got a 2nd pair.  I laced them with the Xtenex laces and they're ready!  My partner and I tested our new shirts on the Remembrance 10K.  They were great!!!

Bought a new big box of Espresso Love gu...my favoritist of all time 🙂  And I was sure to get a new box of Chocolate Chip Clif bars for my food fuel.  I am definitely a person who needs to break up the gu/gel and chomps with actual food.  Also ordered a nuun variety pack...half a tab...that's all I can handle.  What can I say?  I love the taste of cold water!  I know...I'm weird.