Fit Foodie: Big ol slacker.



By no means are the food on our menu slacker food...  It's me.  I'm pooped!  With the end of marathon training and the end of my Business Ethics class, I was hopeful that I could step right back into my routine.  Sadly not so.  I'm tired.  I want to be a lump on my couch SO the meals that we've been choosing are easy and fast.  A lot of the recipes may not look "fit foodie" style BUT we are still only buying the fitter ingredient options.  That's the key to making this lifestyle change.  Knowing how to make your fitness fit into life instead of trying to have your fitness takeover everything.  At least that's the way I am with it all!





Pumpkin French Toast



Cream cheese-filled Banana Bread



Turkey Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion & Potato Hash




Turkey & Bacon Club Sliders