Isabel turns 3!


Isabel is 3!

This little girl.  I have to tell you this little one surely has been a blessing in our lives.  We have had many more moments of laughter.  She came into our world three years ago in California.  She loves to play dress up and puddle splash.  Christmas time was a big one for her.  Every morning she was completely obsessed with the tree, its lights and most of all the star.  Oh and baking...she's become on of my new baking buddies.  Gosh.  I just don't even know where or what else to say.  I could literally go on and on.  Hmm...  I guess I can just say this.  Without her, my life would not be as fun and loving and trying and interesting.  That should cover it LOL.


Here's something that I have been thinking about doing for a while now but didn't have the time.  A Birthday Wreath.  With our family having a January, two March, a June, a July and a September birthday, we constantly find ourselves with an un-decorated door.   I bought a metal wreath frame, large white deco mesh and 2 smaller deco mesh rolls, 2 different ribbons, chalkboard and 3 pinwheels.  Have to say that I love deco mesh wreaths for one really big is not costly like the others that I have done.