Fit Foodie: Honestly.

Honestly...I haven't been feeling like much of a "Fit Foodie" lately.  I have been without my inspiration or spark with cooking.  I'm not sure where I lost it but if you find it, I'd sure like it back.  Cooking has not been that fun for me.  We've been trying new recipes lately and it all tastes amazing BUT it is not bringing out the "foodie" in me.  I'm eating out of necessity I guess and not for the love of the tastes.  I think I need to simply clean start my recipe boards and restart my brain.  I want that excitement back!


Garlic Seasoned Baked Pork Chops




THIS WAS SO GOOD!  But I don't know why it wouldn't have been.  It is from the most trusted skinny recipe place that I have found all else that I love, Skinnytaste!

Asparagus Egg and Bacon Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette


This was supposed to be the Insanity to the Max: TOMATO AND CUCUMBER SALAD ( BUT I saw the cottage cheese was delicious.  Hehe!


The kids requested a "cheat" meal of sorts.  Homemade baked mac n cheese.  We still use the lower fat/healthier ingredients because that's the only things we keep in the house.  Added some leftover turkey in for some added protein and still let them have the French's Fried Onions on the top.  It's the little things in life.  I see it this way.  I am teaching them all things in moderation!



This was supposed to be...Insanity Max:30 Nutrition to the Max:  CITRUS GRILLED STEAK ( but I didn't really feel like having citrus.  We decided to make quick changes and use a steak seasoning so we could use A1 sauce (MY FAVORITE) and sauteed some peppers, onions and mushrooms for a filling side.