Fit Foodie: My New Setup

My new setup...  In my search for a solution to simply being uninspired by the recipes of late, I decided to try going about this in a new way for us.  We've never been a rotation menu planning house.  It's always been pick and pair recipes that I have been wanting to try off of Pinterest, Cooking Light or All You with other recipes that were favorites or easy.  Now we are going heavier on the favorites.  My mood is swaying this decision a lot.  It's hard when you just aren't inspired to force yourself to do something BUT the repercussion here is I throw my hands in the air and figure out something that's just okay.  And believe you me...that's just okay meals are not going to help me out of this or keep us on the healthy track!

I grabbed my recipe binder, laptop & Erin Condren planner and got to work.


I figured out what our favorites, favorite crockpots and favorite easy meals were and listed them.  On the other side, I listed favorite brinners, meal prep, favorite splurges and side dishes.


I started to fill in our week with meals depending on how light or heavy the days tasks were looking.  I reserve some of the easier meals for my husband's cooking night (my school heavy nights).  I left open 2 days for new recipes that I want to try.  Searched through some of my pinterest boards for those.  After doing all of that, I realized that I had no clean way of easily marking the recipes that I had already done recently so I washi taped the fronts so I could star them.

I am excited to really try this way.  Hoping that it will be enough to get me through to the spring when the produce from the farmer's market alone inspires greatness!


Chicken & Swiss Extraordinaire with Alexia onion rings



Pesto Pastries