What’s really been going on…

Waiting for MRI of my brain

I have not said anything because I did not want to believe certain things were really happening.

Over the course of the last couple months, I have been experiencing little strange things.  I have hypothyroidism which I am on medication for and generally run low on iron but correct it with what we eat.  What has been going on though may or may not have something to do with that.  There may be something else going on.

My vision in my left eye has been getting blurry and have had headaches focused there.  My thoughts were that I probably needed to go in for an eye exam because I needed a stronger prescription for glasses.  I don't need to wear them constantly but they help with astigmatism.  After leaving the eye doctor, I was left with other questions.  She had mentioned that my left optic nerve was larger than normal and I have floaters in my left eye.

With the new questions to what was going on, I went to my primary care doctor.  I brought in a list of things that had been going on without wondering whether or not things may be relevant.  I left with a referral for a MRI of my brain with and without contrast looking for multiple sclerosis legions.  This sounds like quite a leap from my eye but there's more to the story.  I have had numbness in my left toes for a long while as well as some other things that line up with normal symptoms.  Also, my mom was diagnosed with MS when I was 5.

The MRI results came back negative but the symptoms I've been having are getting worse.  There's a high level of inflammation and I have been having left arm weakness & numbness in my left hand.  The hypothyroidism could be the explanation for everything since my TSH levels were high again and the medication has been adjusted.  On top of other things, I have a syrinx, 3 disc herniations and 3 disc bulges throughout my cervical and lumbar regions of my spine so something else happening along my spine could also explain things.

Now I am waiting on approval to see a neurologist and hoping & praying for answers.