A girl and her planner: New Addition

wpid-img_20150217_200609.jpgI like pretty things.  I like organizing.  I am doomed.  In the world of planning, they are all pretty.

As I posted before...  I have a long list of planners in my house.  Not out of necessity or hoarding.  Last year was the year of adjustment.  After using a little planner I picked up from Walmart every year, I realized that with the kids getting more involved on top of everything else that way wasn't working anymore.  I had a ton of anxiety because I was going by whatever could fit in the tiny box and then clipping lists and extras to the book.  So many little things were being missed.  Some with big consequence.  I'm absolutely in love with the changes I've made!

Last year...

  • little planner from Walmart
  • family planner from Target
  • old personal planner with printed calendar
  • new filofax domino A5
  • erin condren life planner (preparing for 2015)

For 2015...