Mod Cloth…oh how perfect you are!

I have had the WORST luck with ordering clothing online to fit my body.  I figured before it was just an issue because of my weight and with the wave of a wand that would disappear as the weight came off...totally not true.  If I admitted to how much I've spent on clothing and the amount of clothing I have returned, let's just say I give the local UPS job security.  Anyway!

a70953b77d8ecc05665551f24af8f096For a long while now, I have had items from ModCloth in my pinterest boards.  I had gone to the site a handful of times with the intention of buying and never followed through.  Made the wishlist, marked items with the "love it" and even dropped them into my cart but never hit confirm.  Then I get an email in that one of my items is on sale and almost gone.  Gone!?!?!  NOOOOO!  I went to the site to find this top...

It could not leave me!  No!  I love polka dots.  I need polka dots.  They make me happy.  I bit the bullet and ordered the top.  Okay...that wasn't the only thing in my cart BUT it was my reason.  The rest came from other things that make me happy...doxies and sewing.  843667cc5979dc5cd6d6ff20587521a9 f198b44f1a935fa23afdec7291261dab

I eagerly awaited the box BUT I was also a little nerve wrecked.  Sometimes I swear women get a form of fashion PTSD.  I really didn't want to have another moment of getting my hopes up and then being totally disappointed (yes, this is about a shirt.  Don't judge).  Then the box came...


Um yes!  I am all those things...why thank you box for thinking so!


I love love love love love love love love love it all!  Already placed my next order with Mod Cloth to get another top and accessories that I've been longing for!