3rd Fitversary!


Another year has gone by...  It's weird now though.  Last year was a huge year filled with change (http://crazyrunderful.com/2014/08/04/2-year-fit-versary/).  This year a lot has changed.  I have hit a point in my weight loss that the scale tends to stay the same and the gains I'm achieving are different.  This year has been about goals like completing marathon #1, marathon #2 & #3 back to back, Insanity Max 30, Kayla Bikini Body Guide and now training for marathon #4.

Mentally this change has been a little wearing.  It's hard to be on such a journey of weight loss and then you reach a point where your body is content.  You are putting in effort and still feel stunted because the number doesn't really change.  I realize this is the point that everyone hits and every step is that much harder BUT it's still discouraging mentally nonetheless.

20150816_152421It has most definitely been a long road though.  When we moved to North Carolina, I was miserable and obese.  Three years later, I am a three time marathoner and training for another marathon & an ultramarathon.  I do not even recognize the old me in pictures as myself anymore.  I cannot remember that way of life.


September 2014

  • Marine Corps Half Marathon

October 2014

  • Remembrance 10K
  • Stroller Warrior's Have 2 Half

November 2014

  • Ran my first marathon!  Outer Banks Marathon
  • Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot

December 2014

  • Santa Shuffle 5K
  • Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 miler

January 2015

  • Discovered I have had Hashimoto's disease for a while now.

February 2015

  • Xtreme Endurance Challenge 10K

March 2015

  • Crystal Coast Half Marathon
  • St. Paddy's Engineer 5 miler
  • Shamrock 8K
  • Shamrock Marathon
  • Began fundraising for Semper Fi Fund team for a charity Marine Corps Marathon bib
  • Emerald Isle Marathon
  • Qualified for Marathon Maniacs AND Double Agent

April 2015

  • MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears
  • Insanity MAX 30

May 2015

  • Krispy Kreme Glaze Craze
  • Run for Warriors Half Marathon
  • Memorial Day Run to Remember 9.11 miles

June 2015

  • Started marathon training and received my confirmation to run Marine Corps Marathon!

July 2015

  • Sandsational 8K