Be-You-Tifully Fit: A block

wpid-20150917_083329.jpgI've been quiet a lot.  I think with my mileage so high, life with kids and school coming to an end...I have hit a bit of a writer's block.  Ever felt too busy to speak?  I've even tried planning time to write but that falls into story times, play dates and homework.  Decided that I'm cutting myself some slack with it all.  No pressure to blog.  My blog will always be something that I can return to.  It's been my outlet for years and it will continue to be.  For now though...excuse my disappearance!

Happy running!

Day my life changed: 8/3/2012


  • Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (Wore 18/20 & 22/24 for a gown)
  • As of 8/3/12: 208.6 (wearing size 16/18)
  • As of today: 148.2 lbs (wearing size 4, XS-S & 26-27 jeans)

Body Fat Percentage

  • As of 8/3/12: 46%
  • Body Fat %: 19.6% (Only re-doing every 15th when I take new measurements)


  • 134 lbs


  • Hanson Marathon Method Week 14!
  • Next Race: Color Vibe 5K
  • Fund raising for the Semper Fi Fund team for the Marine Corps Marathon!
  • Stroller Warrior “Run the World” Campaign...on the road to 1750 miles!!!!
  • Morning routine: Run
  • Nightly routine: ITB stretches, crunches, leg lifts, push-ups and pelvis lifts
  • Menu planning going well but not as exciting as it used to be.  Check my “Fit Foodie” blogs for all that we’ve tried (with an actual picture of what ours looked like!)
  • Will Get Fit…for Cake Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Still logging in my MyFitnessPal!  I hit a 900 day streak!