New commitment.

2012 was the beginning.  It was tons of research and struggling to find what works.

2013 was the surprise.  After getting on my way with weight loss, Hannah decided to join our family.

2014 was the return.  In the beginning of the year, I was injured and needed to take some time out to rest and then be fixed.

2015 was the rush.  After finishing Outer banks Marathon, I pushed onto Shamrock Marathon and Emerald Isle Marathon while battling my thyroid.  Now Marine Corps Marathon has been completed too and soon the Old Glory 50K.

It is almost that time again to make a new commitment to myself.  I have devoted my everything to my family, college, marathon training and in the process I have lost something.  Although it is probably obvious to others that I spread myself too thin, it was not obvious to me until I lost my peace.  My happiness.  I wanted to be supermom, honor roll student and an athlete...but my body decided that it was all too much.  Right as I began to hit a low, the Marine Corps needed the one that was holding me together and my youngest began to not sleep through the night.  I have been on the verge of crashing and burning since.  When he returned, the marathon was over and college was ending but it still felt as though I was on a roller coaster ride that just kept climbing with no end insight.  The ultra-marathon is around the corner and I am confident that I can do this but the real day that I am excited for is the day after.  For that one day, I am not on a training plan.  On that day, our family responsibilities get easier.  That day...I can begin to fix me.

This will be my search for peace.

  1.  I stopped procrastinating and joined a gym.  It has childcare so I can enjoy doing some of the things I want to do again like yoga, weight lifting or spin all during the day.  Now I will not miss out on quality family time or have to hope that my husband could possibly watch the kids in the parking lot during his lunch break for me to be able to do these things.
  2. I am holding off on re-opening my etsy shop.  I plan to pinterest!  That probably seems like a waste of time to some people BUT I need to find my love for creating again.  Not only has my sewing or crafting taken a hit but so has my love to cook.  I've become boring in my food choices and it's caused me to stray from the healthier options.
  3. Read!  I have 4 books that I have been dying to read.  I bought them and they have been sitting on the shelf ever since.  Swore up and down that I would have the time...never happened.  Thyroid health book, blogger book and running book...I'd say it is about time!
  4. This may be the fourth on the list but it is the most important to me.  Time to begin my devotional time again.  I have continued what I could but nothing like what I used to do.