Fit Foodie: I am successful but boring

We have hit our crazy busy months with family life.  The kids' extracurricular stuff is in full swing and nearing the end.  Our weeks are filled to the brim on all but one day a week and that is only for worship.  I find that the busier I get, the easier it is to cook BUT I just don't cook the same way.  When it comes time to eat, I am slapping together quick meals or meals that I know the kids won't feel are too heavy to then be running around after eating.  My husband's hours have gotten longer so our food can just be done in meal prepping.  It really is the easiest way to stay on track when life is speeding down the day like a subway train.  Truth be really may seem boring but I consider this season just a foodie hold.  Come summer time and schedule relief...  MMM!  I can already smell a sizzle coming off the grill!




Shrimp with oven roasted potatoes and onions


Vanilla Greek yogurt with a dollop of Nutella, spoon of dark chocolate chips & spoon of peanuts!

Tuna filled red peppers with melted cheddar