Be-You-tifully Fit: Even he needs a little help

Hubby's first double stroller pushing long run

This past week the hubby and I were sitting down talking about what we have going on for the fall/winter time.  The kids' activities' schedules have already begun to come in and my training plan is already chosen.  He has been holding back doing things he has wanted due to work and timing.  I could definitely tell that this was weighing on him.  He didn't want to add more to our plates but didn't like where he was.  I had to stop everything I was doing at that moment and simply tell him, "Stop waiting for tomorrow.  I am your wife.  You want to do something, so let's find a way together".  It was then that he asked for a training plan to run longer and faster again.  We set the goal of a sub 2 hour time at the Marine Corps Half Marathon this year.

Now this truthfully was about 3 weeks ago or so.  Since he's experienced the oomph it takes to push 100 lbs of kids & stroller for longer distances.  It's fun to see the look on his face to see that once you take that bad boy away it shaves almost 1-2 minutes off of your pace.  It's also entertaining to hear the good ol'..."how the heck do you do this all the time?"  There's no other way.

I refuse to just not feel my heart racing... the repetition of my feet hitting the ground... quieting the voice in the back of my head that tells me I cannot do it... the sun on my skin...  the sweat pouring out...  the torturous yet wonderful feeling of running.

I do it because if I do not, I do not feel whole.

Day my life changed: 8/3/2012


  • Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008  (Wore 18/20 & 22/24 for a gown)
  • As of 8/3/12: 208.6 (wearing size 16/18)
  • As of today: 151.0 lbs (wearing size 4-6, XS-S & 26-27 jeans)

Body Fat Percentage

  • As of 8/3/12: 46%
  • Body Fat %: 25.6% (using the gym's machine instead of caliper)


  • 134 lbs
  • 18% body fat


  • Next Race: Marine Corps Half Marathon
  • Week 1 of the She Runs This Marathon plan
  • Dialing back the weight for the Stronglifts 5x5.  I have reached a super challenging point and marathon training has to take the front seat.  For now, I am using less weight and working on perfect form.
  • Been sticking to my macros BUT they have been readjusted to compensate for marathon training
  • Still logging in my MyFitnessPal!  I hit a 1,200 day streak!

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