4 Year Fitversary!

Fitversary copyFirst and foremost...  I need to be honest.  I have been avoiding writing this post like the plague.  This day used to mean so much to me when I was exploring the new world of fitness and losing weight.  Now this just seems like another day.  But that is only to me.  It dawned on me when I posted some pictures of my wedding day to celebrate the month of our wedding anniversary.  Many friends who have never known that old me did not even recognize that it was me.  When I heard those words, I knew why I still need to celebrate this day.  This is a never ending journey for me.  I will never be able to stop because the day I do I will go right back to where I have come from.  Need to keep on fighting!

First off, for those who would like to see the past celebrations and how I got to here 🙂






2016 fit


Since August 2015, I have taken a turn down a different path of weight strength training.  For a long while, I noticed that or I should say I felt that nothing was changing anymore.  In fact, what was changing was that I was starting to put weight back on and not in a good way.  I hit a slump.  A big ol negative road block, so after training for Marine Corps Marathon...I signed up to a gym!!!

August 2015

  • Sgt Pyaett 10K

September 2015

  • Marine Corps Half Marathon

October 2015

  • Remembrance 10K
  • Marine Corps Marathon

November 2015

  • Signed up at a gym!
  • Battleship Half Marathon
  • Old Glory Ultramarathon

December 2015

  • Naughty & Nice 5K
  • Hit 2,400 miles run for the year!!!

January 2016

  • Total body lifting/Runner suggested routines

February 2016

  • Weight lifting/running half marathon training
  • Stroller Warriors Lounatic 5K

March 2016

  • Fitocracy routines!
  • PR'd Half Marathon time at Shamrock!
  • Started the She Sweats Run Builder program

April 2016

  • PR'd Half Marathon time at RnR Raleigh!
  • RAGNAR Trail Richmond

May 2016

  • PR'd Half Marathon time at R4W Jacksonville!
  • Murph WOD on Memorial Day!

June 2016

  •  Finished She Sweats Run Builder & fastest mile is a 7:27!
  • Stronglifts 5x5

July 2016

  • Sandsational 8K
  • Started the She Runs This Marathon plan

Just Us copy

Keep on pushing!  One day you will look back and realize what felt like an inch was really a mile!