Fit & Frugal: No Spend September

Lately I have been praying for a way to get out of this mindset and debt that we have accumulated with having our kids and all of the moves we have done.  I've been hearing people on the radio talk about how they pushed through the debt snowballing and are now within months of owning their homes (paying it off in just a couple years).  I want that.  I want that for us and for our kids.  I want to be able to turn around and give where I want to give and it not be a burden in doing so.  After many prayers, the thought of a no spend month came to mind.  Do not ask me exactly where because I can only say one place...the big man upstairs...never before this.

So here's what we are doing...

The hubby and I are competing against each other (because...why not? LOL).  At the end of the month, the person who has spent more loses.  We have not decided what they lose.  Might just be like proud title of the thriftiest person of the house.  Ha!

We have a calendar set up to mark either with an "x" or to write in our amount spent that day.
wp-image-956999055jpg.jpegThe rules we have (yes, it's a little repetitive but that's because it's meant to be a reminder of where we just throw money senselessly)

  • No unnecessary spending (Includes...)
    • monthly subscriptions like Audible, Fabletics, FabKids, Amazon S&S & Ancentry
    • apps & games
    • dining out or fast food
    • traveling or day trips that cost money
    • gum, candy bar, tic tacs or lolli pops (even for the kids)
    • coffee
    • protein bars
    • redbox
    • online parties
    • vending machines
  • No going over any budgeted bill amounts
  • If a "need" arises, it must be listed and wait till the end of the month.  (Obviously not if it is an emergency type of item like medications or immediate repairs)
  • Acceptable spending
    • groceries
    • gas
    • bills
    • medicine
  • All preset arrangements
    • ChickFila playdate
    • Soda mess tab
    • Babysitter for the MC Half Marathon

I'll be sure to report back at the end of the month with our results!