Fit & Frugal: Mid Month Report for the No Spend September


I most definitely thought that by now we would have crashed and fell out of the wagon completely.  It is not that I did not have faith in us BUT something always comes up when we attempt to do something like this.
For instance...

Day 1 - Oil change light pops on

Day 2 - Husband is required to pay for something at work (thankfully it is reimbursed)

Day 3 - Already need to go to the store to replace milk, eggs and only 4 days time!!!

Day 4 - Husband is required to spend money while at work (non-refundable)

Day 5 - Had to purchase my group's bible study books

Day 6 - Spent money on shipping for the Semper Fi Fund team's Red, White & Silkies medals to go out that were time sensitive (reimbursable) AND Etsy store supplies

Day 7 - Nothing.

Day 8 - More Red, White & Silkies mailings (reimbursable)

Day 9 - Nothing.

Day 10 - More groceries...tylenol, grapes, bananas & milk

Day 11 - Nothing.

Day 12 - Husband's car in to be fixed.  (Thankfully it was part of a recall so it was covered)

Day 13 - Nothing.

Day 14 - Nothing and pay day.  This would normally be the day of shopping but not today.

I imagine this does not look too bad, but I have already found the kinks in the way we set this up.  We miscalculated the kids' snacks.  Well actually we did not miscalculate, we miscalculated on what and amounts.  After all of the bulk buying, the big kids told me that the school snack was not filling enough, the cereal is not being used as much because they are getting breakfast at school and we go through A LOT of goldfish crackers & oreos every month.  We are sticking to the plan though!  I have not bought anymore snacks.  This last weekend I made chocolate muffins, oatmeal energy bites and egg & cheese mini sandwiches for their snacks alongside what was left.  It's working!

OH and another amazing thing...   ready?  I HAVE COOKED EVERYTHING ON THE DAY IT WAS PLANNED!  That is unbelievably huge for me.  With my shop, bible study, school, dance, cheer & marathon training, this almost never ever ever happens.  I usually become a mood eater and just pull something else out or get into a funk and just do not want to cook at all.  This is a huge win for our No Spend month!

Another factor that I wish I would have thought about beforehand is my driving mileage amount in one months' time.  I filled my tank and reset the mileage tracker on Friday the 2nd, so far I am at 450 miles driven since.  I did not think that I actually drove that much to be honest.  I have not gone out of my way or done anything extra, so can you imagine what that must be when I do?  That's over the span of 11 days and only my vehicle.  That does not include when I take the husband's car on the weekend for my long run or using it during the week to take a child to practice or the store.

Final observation from this experience so far (and by far the best) our kids are reacting to this.  On day 6, Dairy Queen was offering free small oreo frappes to celebrate an anniversary.  My husband and I stopped at Dairy Queen.  The kids were pumped.  I came back with only 2 because 1 per adult was free.  Ready...the six of us shared the two and then our oldest says, " tastes awesome".  Yes.  Yes, it does son.  There was no grumbling because we completely explained to them what we were doing.  Also offered them to save in their own ways too by helping us by helping portion down the snacks as well as their normal chores.  (for every $100 we save, they can earn $5).  I really thought that our last trip to the flag football game where our oldest daughter was cheering was going to do us in with them after they saw the sno-cones food truck.  The oldest begged briefly for one and I simply asked him what would he rather a $2 sno-cone now or $5-10 at the end of the month to do what he pleases with.  He chose the $5-$10.  They even all split a single free doughnut that I found a coupon for with a simple thankfulness.  My children are no angels but I do believe that this is not only teaching my husband and I a lesson on our spending but our children as well.