Fit Foodie: New Apps (Oops…that’s an old one)

I am testing out new ways to try to continue on with a full month of groceries and menu planning.  We did so well with it all and saved so much money by simply not walking in the grocery stores for more than set items every week.  As of right now, a month after I started this post...  I have been rocking groceries and pantry inventory with the Food Planner app.  It allowed me to catalog everything in the house, import recipes via links and make a quick shopping list.  So far so good!  As I use the last of an item during cooking or meal prepping, I simply change the quantity I have to zero and it throws the item onto my grocery list!!  Truth be told though, I love lists.  And paper.  And pens.  I am not really a technology for all things person, but this one got me.  It's probably also because I almost never forget my phone BUT almost always forget my list.  Definitely recommend giving it a try though!!!





Slow Cooker Turkey Quinoa Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans