Be-You-Tifully Fit: HR Train

Recently I finished reading both Keto Clarity and Primal Endurance.  I am not sure why I have decided to finally take the direction of a low carbohydrate lifestyle.  Honestly I love carbs...lot.  They are lyfe but they don't love me like I love them.  Through my curiosity I read both of these books and fell full force into the mindset.  I am training primally and eating ketogenic.  #fatfueledbeast in the making over here!

I have made it through the first 21 days of changing to ketogenic eating with much less exercise than normal.  Now I am following the primal training ways of no run streaking, gauging myself on a 1-10 scale before decision of breakout workout, scaling back all the normal weekly speed & tempo runs to 2-3 a month and most important...heart rate training.  This DOES NOT mean go slow.  This means go to a comfort spot for your heart.  This means strengthening your heart.  Training your heart to perform more efficiently and be able to be a stronger endurance athlete because of it.

I have started the She Sweats Run Builder plan again for the Shamrock Half Marathon training and using the theories of primal endurance...although the sprints are heart is getting stronger ❤