Fit Foodie: PIZZA & TACOS! 

There are a few things in life that I do not ever want to live without and ketogenic eating did not look good for these two staples of life...Pizza & Tacos.  I grew up in a house where we ate pizza every Friday.  It was our thing!  My dad would come home from work and order a large pie then he and I would go pick it up at Sal's in East Windsor, NJ.  That pizza was my favorite meal of the entire week.  Pretty sure if I could live on pizza everyday I would.  I mean in college there were a few days that I'm pretty sure I did.  So for is life.  I need it to be able to stick with something like this.

Fathead Pizza Dough- Low Carb & Amazing

As for mother loves Mexican food.  She cooks all sorts of different Mexican style recipes and really tacos are a necessity.  Sure we do Taco Tuesday like half of America post-Lego Movie but my husband and I were sadly eating just the meat and cheese for the last couple weeks.  Not those delicious tortillas that are not even close to the homemade ones that his grandma makes but still...  We needed to find this.  It was getting to the dangerous phase of just one won't hurt but it will.  I'm pretty sure that I have a gluten sensitivity alongside of my thyroid issues and I need this to help heal.  Although I did not care for the smell of pork rinds when I opened the bag, I absolutely loved the tortillas!!!!