Be-You-tifully Fit: Growing 

20170409_205042Training has been difficult this time around, but I am constantly reminding myself that is it is simply because all of this is new to me!  Sure, I can swim and bike but I could also technically run before I started couch 2 5K years ago too.  Now I am working on learning two in depth sports for a race where I will do all three.

...Whoa...take a minute now.

That does sound a little intimidating.

Thankfully I know that this is me.  This is my normal pre-race jitters.  This is the feeling that I love and I hate.  It's this feeling that reminds me that what I'm doing excites and challenges me!

Sooooo...on to the 2 weeks out list of all of the things!

I'm currently winding down on my training focus and allowing myself to rest more.

  • Strength training:  I've spent the first 7 weeks with heavy weights and low reps.  At 4 weeks out, I switched to lighter weights and higher reps.  During the first couple weeks, I had continued on a specific strength routine that I had already been doing but soon realized that I needed to better compliment what I was training for.  After some searching, I came up with a full strength routine with needs for triathletes specifically.  It has worked wonders!  I was super nervous about my shoulder that I hurt while stroller pushing during an 18 mile training run in the fall, but that has been dealt with and strengthened!!
  • Swimming:  I am focusing on just getting pool time in.  This is my weakest part of the 3 legs.  Now I am trying to build up my endurance and focus on relaxing.  Not much is going to change at this point but I can take the time to simply feel more comfortable in the water.  It will definitely help shake some of the open water fear if I go in more confident.20170403_151317
  • Biking:  I started training on a bike that the gears were barely working, switched to the gym bike, switched to a friend's fitness bike and now trying to get used to the Specialized bike that is fixed and fitted!  Lots of changes here.  It is not ideal but I know that my legs can carry me through it.  Now to simply practice mounting and turning LOL!
  • Running:  My good friend.  My strength.  My safe place.  I have been running here and there but nothing too intense.  I know how my body handles training with running.  I do much better with less scheduled runs but they are high intensity.  I have a few more runs left that I plan to take nice and easy.  The bricks have been interesting but I know running.  It's just one foot in front of the other.
  • Stretching:  This.  This has been my issue.  I keep getting caught up in balancing all of the training and all that goes on in my family of six...stretching has taken a back seat.  I know.  I know.  All of this training and I am slacking on what is needed for recovery.  I'm learning.  It's a tough juggle to triathlon train.  Over the last 2 weeks though, I have made up for it with some easy stretching after strength or yoga before bed.