Be-You-Tifully Fit: Surround yourself with motivation

One of the biggest issues I have had over the course of the last few years is motivation.  I end up riding the struggle bus pretty often in my mind.  While trying to juggle life and training, I find that I burn out fast.  When I sat down to really think about this, I realized it is because of how hard I want to push.  The goals I set for myself are BIG.  They take on their own life and sometimes become bigger than me which ushers in the worry and anxiety.  After a great spring race season last year, I have definitely slowed down.  Take a step back to see what was around me.  It is a beautiful sight.

There are many strong, beautiful women everywhere.  They are driven and have some amazing attributes.  These women reach for the stars and smile while doing it.  What I have realized is...  you need these people.

You need these light bringers around you to keep you going when you feel you cannot.

These magic makers are the ones who remind you that your dreams are possible.

They have the ability to shift the world and remind it how fierce us women really are.

Be one of the game shakers and remember they will be on your team no matter what.

Here I am training again but now I am taking it easier on myself.  No need to melt myself down with words.  Just going to look around me and remember that these women are amazing and so am I.

Time to do this.