Be-You-tifully Fit: Uphill Dreams

There is a time and place for everything.

I started my fitness journey to lose weight.  Back then I wasn't ready for 7 day a week training plans filled with 3 different sports and resistance training.  I was ready for the scale to tell me I did a good job not eating that doughnut yesterday.  That yesterday's sacrifice wasn't in vain.  Ok... well maybe "vain" isn't the right word to use but you get what I am saying.  I had a purpose to lose weight and all else came second to that.

After the weight came off, I plateaued physically AND mentally.  Sure, I did great and was improving every day but what was I doing it all for?  It became something different after that.  This has just become life so what now for goals?  I ran a bunch of miles.  I ran a bunch of races.  I got a bunch of medals.  I got a bunch of PRs.  What was it all for though?

My uphill dreams.

I am currently in the car on vacation wondering what came over me.  I worked out last night and this morning in a hotel.  I planned for a 7 day pass at a gym near my mom's house.  I intend to find a hotel with a fitness center on the way home too.  This is me now.

While powering through my cardio,  I watched an episode of Cawfeetawk on YouTube regarding uphill dreams and downhill habits.  It spoke to me.  Here I am realizing that if I want to have a race that I place in...  If I want to have that muscle tone like my fellow IG fitness moms...  If I want to see improvements beyond where I am now...  I need to step it up.  I need to stop my downhill habits that prevent my uphill dreams.  I have stopped and slowed down enough in life.  Those moments of joy do not need to hinder my progress.  It is now time to realize that this is not me restricting myself...this is me focusing myself.  Focusing on what matters.  In order to get where I want to be, I need to do what has to be done.

The question of it all is really not "why can't I ____ like her?".  It is really is "am I willing to put in what she does to get there?".

Here goes to putting in the work!