Be-You-tifully Fit:  Post Vacation

Reporting in...  I made it up until the very end with keeping up with my training!  Only missed the day before we left, the 2 traveling days and the first 2 days back home including my birthday.  We were literally all over the place so I am still calling this all a win!  

It was not easy.  I will admit that.  Going away to visit family and then heading out to the gym... well it kind of stinks.  I wanted to spend every minute with my mom and one of my best friends but it is part of who I am now.  Thankfully they see that in me and understand it. 

I just keep reminding myself that I have my eyes on an uphill dream now.  My loved ones have always believed and supported me.  Now it is time that I push on with the uphill habits to reach those dreams.