Fit Foodie:  New Cookbook! 

After visiting with my mom, I came home and  tried out some of the recipes from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook.  So far we have only had one that we were not too fond of but the rest have knocked it out of the park!!!  Below are all the amazing ones that have made it to have a picture taken... sorry... the cheeseburger meatballs didn't last long enough LOL!   I checked the author's site and was not able to find the recipes on there for these.  Definitely recommend grabbing the cookbook to try the recipes for yourself though!

Monster Mash Up Rolls

Bacon granola on top of paleo banana bread

Chicken caesar salad (Supposed to be on a stick but I forgot to grab skewers)

Steak n 5 Veg as well as a frittata using the leftover veggies!