Be-You-tifully Fit: I’m a follower

I am sure that my mama never wanted to hear me willingly say "I'm a follower" but I'm saying it now.  A lot of my beautiful fitness crazed friends are in the process of training for a bikini body competition.  Am I?  Well sort of.  I am training with them in moral support status.  Basically training for a bikini body competition with none of the stage strutting.  With no races left on the horizon for 2017, a choice I did not make lightly, I decided why not?  I mean what better #badidea do I have for this mix?

After going through with the ACE Personal Trainer studying, I decided this plan is going to be the best one for me.  I removed some of the exercises that are not good for my cervical and lumbar back issues but overall it looks pretty awesomely challenging.

I think I am at a point in my life that I am just being still and yet searching for the next thing that puts that fire inside me again.  As much as I want to triathlon train, right now is just not the right time.  I hate saying that.  It drives me batty to know that I cannot make something work.  That is when notions of failure creep in, but after talking it out with my husband and friends I know that now is just not my time for that.  Doing something that makes you feel great shouldn't also make you feel like you're failing.  The right challenge, the wrong time.  I am going to wait on all the kids heading to school so I can properly train in the pool and out on the road.  I crave it.  I want to be better at it all, but one of the hardest things to do in life for me is to simply be still.  So I will be still for now.  I will stand by my friends and support them on their journeys and later it will be my time.