Be-You-Tifully Fit: 5 Year Runiversary

9/19/2012...  that was a day of days for me.  It's amazing looking back at my first year of running now that I am reaching year 5.  I still cannot believe the pictures.  I cannot believe my original stroller riders are now 9 and 7 years old.  And that was me.  That was me with zero confidence, absolutely terrified to post a picture in a sports bra and pleading with myself to make a change.

In these 5 years...

  • 10 5Ks
  • 1 Sprint Triathlon
  • 1 6K
  • 5 8Ks
  • 3 Muddy obstacle 5 milers
  • 7 10Ks
  • 1 10 miler
  • 15 Half Marathons
  • 1 RAGNAR Trail Relay
  • 5 Marathons
  • 1 Ultramarathon
  • 1 Ultra RAGNAR Trail Relay

My blogs have become few and far between.  This life has cemented itself.  I still struggle with self-doubt and fear but I am honest with the fact that it took me until 31 years old to get to this point.  Now, I am moving one step at a time...bachelor's degree in business and now a certified personal trainer.  My heart still tells me that a master's in nutrition is still in my future.

This has been a long road of self-discovery.  I am not the person I was back then on the inside or outside.  Running started a chain reaction in my life.  It pushed me to want more and to be more.  To feel life...not just coast on through it.  You may catch me dragging my feet and complaining about running in the {insert weather condition here} BUT I would not trade it for the world.

My children see that mommy is out there working hard to achieve things.  They began to tell their teachers and people we would meet how I win the races and they want to be as strong as me when they grow up.

My mind and heart are more at ease.  It was during my runs that I began to have a conversation with God.  The longer the run, the harder I pray.  I find solace in these moments.  The quiet calm of a good run and heart pouring out to God.  It is something that my soul seeks.

My relationships have grown and blossomed while running.  There is something amazing that happens when you're out there running with someone for miles and miles.  These people see you in your strongest moments and your weakest.  They hear the stories that you simply need to tell.  It becomes like a therapy session with the side benefit of exercise that usually ends in coffee and donuts.

They say you never finish a race the same person you were when you started.  I can only imagine how many times I have changed in 51 races.