Be-You-tifully Fit: That one picture

Recently I was in a conversation regarding weight gain/loss and self-image issues.  I wish that it was something that was merely temporary but that is not true.  We could take a million pictures of ourselves that catch all the perfect angles and pick the filter compliments our everything perfectly.  It’s the world we live in now BUT then there’s that one picture that we see and it tears us down.  It reminds us of the thing we fear people will see.  We are not perfect.  That IG account shows the highlight reel of us…not always the actual us.

It doesn’t show…  the woman with bags under her eyes after a sleepless night with a child.  The woman who is bloated from losing willpower the night before.  The woman who despite her efforts cannot get rid of the cellulite looking skin.  The woman who just fought with putting on her jeans before throwing in the towel and putting on leggings.  The woman that looks in the mirror second-guessing the way her hair hangs or how her skin isn’t wrinkle-free anymore.

So here is me.  The very moment I saw this very real picture of my body I started to cry.  This is not the truth that I want to own or admit is me but the reality of it is…it is.  I have never had a perfect bikini body and sometimes I truly believe I never will.  This right here has been a lifelong battle.  I only started to try to be better 5 years ago and I am 36 years old.  It’s going to take time.  I need to give myself grace.  This is not perfect.  There’s no filter to hide it but it is still better than I was 5 years ago.

Here’s the reminder for me.

The places I have been…

And to let that next bad picture solely be your before…

Because one day I will beat this mindset but today is not that day.

Today I will just say I am imperfect and in progress.