Fit & Frugal: The Attitude of Gratitude

We have already finished Christmas shopping for the kids.  By no means am I trying to be an overachiever in this.  It is all for reason.  We are trying to spread out the cost of Christmas as well as simply trying to avoid the craziness.  Every year I find amazing deals and buy up all the the kids really play with them all?  No.  They play with them a handful of times and then forget that whatever toys exist.  So yes, I got amazing deals but on what?  Something that ends up at a fixture collecting dust?

Last year we were alternating no spend months in order to pay down a bunch of our debt, so we had finished almost everything before November also.  In this, we realized that last year's gifts were not necessarily smaller to save money but fewer and would you believe that the kids are STILL playing with all of their gifts now???  This was not really our intent this year to do another no spend month BUT it definitely has led to something better.  We decided to opt for a setup that I watched a few friends converse about on Facebook.  The attitude of gratitude.

It is really simple to follow.  The gifts are something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  We have explained it to the kids and some of our family members as a means to continue on with the spirit of happiness from less.  My husband and I also wanted to keep our budget in step with how well we did last year during the no spend months too.  We purchased each kid their 4 gifts, an advent calendar and some things for their stocking.  With the last purchase on Amazon, we are at a total of $357.26 spent on the 4 kids' Christmas gifts!