All the prep

I have come to realize that "prep" scares people.  I am not sure what it is that does it.  It does not take a tremendous amount of time to make all of the things.  Even when I had my longest list it wasn't more than a couple hours AND that includes crockpot chicken cooking.

Here are some samples of things I would make...

Easiest way to find what I have made -

  1. Newest...  Bean & Cheese Burritos for the kids with a crockpot made refried beans!
  2. Salads (in Tupperware or mason jars)
  3. Chicken wraps
  4. Chicken, steamed veggies & rice
  5. Graham crackers, apple slices & PB
  6. Egg muffins
  7. Hard-boiled eggs
  8. Blueberry oat muffins
  9. Asparagus soup
  10. Zucchini soup
  11. Chicken salad
  12. Oatmeal energy bites
  13. Chocolate chip protein muffins
  14. Breakfast sandwiches
  15. Cut a block of cheese down into cubes
  16. Apple Pie Bars

How did I first figure out what it was that I wanted to prep?  Honestly, I looked at the Starbucks boxes that my husband and I would constantly grab.  After that, I began to search through Pinterest for specifics like breakfast sandwiches, overnight oats, egg muffins or pancake muffins.  Each week we'd try something new until I found a winner.  It was actually really fun having all of these different foods to try.  Variety was key.

Here were some of the greatest prep weeks in Fit Foodie!