Motivation Helpers

Sticking to a program or journey is HARD!  There's no instant gratification.  There's no one standing there to give you a medal when you step on the scale.  There's no celebration unless you do it for yourself!  Over the course of the last five years, I have done a handful of things to increase my motivation.

1.  Weight Loss Jars!  You visually can see your progress every time you pass by!!!

2.  Hang an amazing goal dress!

3.  Reminders for myself that I had been there before!!!

4.  Posting my exercise schedule in a place that my husband could check in with me to help hold me accountable

5.  A good friend was inspired by my journey and sent me a Fitbit!  My competitiveness kept me striving to get that number higher and higher!!!

6.  DIY planner inserts to watch my progress!