My Bucket List Races

My bucket list seems to be forever changing!  I think seeing some of the pretty medals or the awesome swag bags immediately add them.  This is purely an allover list of mine.  I have a local race list too but it is more to try each of the race events before we move again.  The one great thing about the military nomad life is that we get to find all of these little awesome pockets of races around the world!

1. NYC Marathon

This race will forever and always be at the top of my list.  After growing up in New Jersey and watching the race run through those familiar streets, I long to run it.  It would be like revisiting my childhood on a slightly faster sightseeing tour.

2. Philadelphia Marathon

This is another one for me because of it being close to "home".  As a family, we used to venture across the Delaware River often to go visit different places.

3. Disney World's Marathon

After running the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge, I am eager to head back for another race!  There was a lot of expense to it all but it is DISNEY!  The medals!!!!

4. Chevron Houston Marathon

You are going to notice a trend with me...  This is in an area that I have more recently fallen in love with.  A lot of my husband's family lives in Houston and the few times we have visited have stolen my heart.  I am most definitely a sightseer runner.

5. Louisiana Marathon

This race is all about the swag, medal, post-race celebration and of course where it is located!!  While I lived in Louisiana for a little while back in 2008, I had to drive out to Baton Rouge a bunch of times for job training and it is beautiful out there!

6. Gasparilla Half Marathon

Have you seen this medal???  It is a pirate!  This race is down in Tampa, FL.  My family and I used to go visit my grandparents down in Clearwater during the winter growing up.  There was always so much to see down there!

7. Honolulu Marathon

Just once...I want to visit Hawaii.  I have never been and always longed to go!  The pictures of paradise get me every time.  They even get me to overlook that elevation chart...kinda LOL!