My Runner’s Fuel

When it comes to fueling for runs, I have had a horrible bout of experimentation.  There have been times that I had to stop mid-run and doubled over.  This is not necessarily an uncommon occurrence for runners.  It is really just trial and error as well as knowing your body.


What works best for me may not necessarily be the best for the next person but I found that a banana on the way to the run was perfect.  Other friends have these glorious looking mixes of eggs and sweet potato hash or Ezekiel bread toasted with almond butter and honey.  I have a little bit of pre-run food envy, but the stomach cramps are not worth the before foods.  I just save the good stuff for post-run.


Almost all of the different gels I have tried betrayed at some point or another.  It was a hard point to hit but I run much better on actual food.  Some of the best recipes I found were in the book called The Feed Zone.  That book was the first time I attempted to use things other than gels or blocks and it was a game changer.  Below I also linked a previous blog with one of my favorite long-distance run fuel recipes.  I would normally eat one prior and then munch on another throughout the run as well as a homemade trail mix from time to time.  Extremely excited to pick up a copy of The Feed Zone Portables before my next start of half marathon training!

Chocolate & Sea Salt Sticky Bites

Waffle Sandwiches

Coconut Flour Banana Bread or Muffins