Fit Foodie: Macros…does it fit you?

After helping friends with their nutrition setup,  I realized that a lot of people may not get macros... and why would they?  It is an easy subject to understand once someone breaks it down for you but it is all too quickly dropped into the same thought as calorie counting or labeled as a fad diet.

Okay... the meat and bones.  It is calorie counting BUT it focuses on the types of calories you are putting into your body.  Macros ensure that you get exactly what your body needs to push, rest and repeat every day.  Sure, we could get by eating whatever we wanted but this is functioning at a level that gives your body what it wants to run how it was meant to.

I have used macros unknowingly for about 3 years or so.  I noticed that as I made all of the changes in my life that things would still not go the way I wanted them to if my carbs or fats were at certain levels.  My muscles would ache more if my protein level wasn't high enough.  Essentially I was realizing my body's desired macros.  In order for me to lose the weight, run well and recover faster... I needed to feed it in right way.

This has been my go-to macro calculator or this one here.  For a while, I did the calculations myself but I found it much easier to adjust using these for the ease of not having to break down the math.  Everything is based on your age, weight, height, body fat % and your activity level alongside what you are trying to accomplish (weight loss, maintenance or bulking).

My macros while half marathon training...


Carbohydrate 202g 44.9%

Protein 135g 30.1%

Fat 50g 25.0%

Anyway... the best part of macros... you a means to fit things into your normal day that may be out of your healthy food comfort zone by compensating during your other meals.   Here are some of the foods we have had recently with their macros!

Chocolate Mocha Protein Muffins

155 calories 26g carbs 5g fat 1.5g protein

Chocolate Mocha Protein Muffins

Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe

We like to constantly change up what we put in ours.  This one was cheddar, breakfast sausage, Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs and avocado.

421 calories 26g carbs 24g fat 24g protein

Fit Foodie: I’m so behind.

Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese

We swapped the bacon for turkey lunch meat.

469 calories 45g carbs 21g fat 24g protein

Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese

Individual Bacon-and-Egg Pizzas

210 calories 30g carbs 6g fat 9g protein