Lazy Girl Challenge Part Deux

FOUR YEARS!?!!?  Why has it been 4 years before having another round of lazy girl challenge???

Here it is.

I challenge you for ONE week to follow this routine with NO excuses.

  1. Laundry legs - Squat each basket of laundry every time you pick it up 20 times.
  2. Coffee creamer curls - That's right...make a cup of coffee or grab for the milk and curl the creamer or milk 20 times EACH arm.
  3. Toothbrush toe raises - While brushing those beautiful teeth, 20 calf raises by getting up and down on those toes.
  4. Heating up hip extensions - Is the microwave timer going?  You need to bust out 20 hip extensions EACH leg by straight legs pushing back.
  5. Dishwashing dips - Use the counter as an impromptu area to do some dips with feet still on the ground to work those triceps.
  6. Living Room leg lifts - Stopping in the living to watch some TV?  Get down and do 20 side-lying leg lifts each first.
  7. Playroom push-ups - Whatever room the toys are in, knock out 20 pushups when you enter!  This can be full push-ups, kneeling push-ups or standing push-ups.
  8. Pause & Plank - Place this in a spot around the house that is easy to simply pause as you are passing through to plank.

The first challenge...

Jump Start 2014 Fitness One Week Challenge